Wednesday, 29 April 2009

More rumour/hobby sites


A purely Tau orientated blogspot here.

Quite the Marine/Eldar player here. Pretty good painting guides too.

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Drop from the sky!

You know when you start painting and you just can't seem to stop "I'll just finish this bit... and I'll finish up the highlights and that'll be it... I'll do the base then I'll finish...." well, heres the result, one finished Kasrkin sergeant of whom I am quite proud.

Sorry about the picture quality, although my new phone is pretty awesome in all respects when compared to the old one, the camera isn't as good and I'm still saving for a real one!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The Manta

Well hello there.
I thought you might enjoy the following, unfortunatly I can't just post a picture because the document is enormous so i'll just type it out instead.
That feckin huge Tau carrier thing:

Points - 1980
Armour - F:13, S:12, R:11
BS - (2) 3 (4) weapon and firer dependant

Type - Super Heavy Flyer, Orbital Lander
Structure Points - 10
Crew - 9 Tau Air Caste

Twin-linked heavy railguns,
3x Twin linked long barrelled ion cannons,
Twin linked missile pods,
16x drone controled long barrelled burst cannons (BS-2)
10x Seeker Missiles (max or 2 per turn)
Networked Markerlight

Always equiped with a Targeting array for its main weapons. Also has an Energy Shield, Blacksun Filter, Escape Pod and Decoy Launcher

No further options.

Transport: up to 188 Tau Troops

Super-Heavy Detachments: Must be taken as part of a separate detachment, consisting of 1-3

Access Points: 2, by transport elavator on the lower deck and rear ramp.

Special Rules:

Upper Deck Capacity:
Up to 48 Tau Warriors, or:
Max of 12 Heavy Gun Drones
Max of 24 Kroot Hounds

Lower Deck Capacity:
Up to 140 Tau Warriors or:
Max of 4 Devilfish (which may be preloaded with 12 troops)
Max of 4 Hammerheads or Sky Rays
Max of 4 Piranha

in addition to the 4 vehicles, the lower deck may carry up to 10 Crisis suits or 5 Broadsides

Alternatively, instead of vehicles:
up to 50 crisis suits
up to 25 broadsides
up to 36 heavy gun drones
up to 12 drone sentry turrets
up to 12 tetra speeds

its so feckin big you can't really miss and only need the normal BS of a firer to hit instead of 6's.

Energy Shield:
always gets a 4+ invulnerable save against hits.

Decoy Launchers:
Get a 4+ save against any engine damaged results (on a 4+ ignore the result).


lb burst cannon R:36", Str:5, AP5, Assault 3
lb ion cannon, R:90", Str:7, AP3, Heavy 3
Heavy Railgun, R:108", Str:10, AP1, Ordance1/titan killer
Heavy Railgun Submunitions, R:108", Str:7, AP3, Ordanance1 Blast
Missile Pod, R:36", Str:7, AP:4, Assault 2
Seeker Missile, R:Unlimited, Str:8, AP3, Heavy1

An absolute monster. Tau don't need titan, just a couple of these bastards!


Heya bitches,

I was just looking at BoLS when I realised that the epic campain they're on about is being played over the map taken from that book I told you about a while ago (the one where the bloke appears in a strange world and proceeds to rape a girl)

Crazy stuff.

Monday, 27 April 2009

3 of us?

See paul. Balance is restored. The chimp has left. You may have your place back.

Sunday, 26 April 2009



thought you might be amused by this little calculation that takes account of the ballistic skill, weapon strength and saves in a shooting match between a Space Marine/Chaos Marine and one of the new storm troopers:
Space Marine:

BS - 4 (3+ to hit)
Weapon Strength - 4 (against the Storm Troopers T - 3 is 3+ to wound)
AP - 5
Save - 4+ (for the Storm Trooper)

2/3rds chance of hitting
2/3rds chance of wounding
1/2 chance of a failed save

(2/3)*(2/3)*(1/2) = 4/18 or 2/9ths chance of a kill

Storm Trooper:
BS - 4 (3+ hits)
Weapon Strength - 3 (against Space Marine T - 4 is 5+ to wound)
AP - 3 no save

2/3rds chance of hitting
1/3rd chance of killing

(2/3)*(1/3) = 2/9ths chance of a kill

Statistically, an equal match :) i found that interesting. I hope you enjoyed your last lesson in maths.

1000pts of fuck y... wait, wheres my codex?

1000pts of fuck you nids

Chapter master:
storm bolter, power sword


10 tactical squad:
plasma cannon, flamer

10 tactical squad:
plasma cannon, plasma gun

5 scout squad:
sniper rifle

Land raider ultra:

plasma cannon, twin-linked autocannon

twin-linked heavy bolter

are you happy now wig? now that you have taken everything from me

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Monday, 20 April 2009

The Imperial Guard. Like an orbital bombardment to a walnut.

Jonny boy went to GW to get the actual Kasrkin speacial weapons guys I was sposed to have in the first place >:( nevermind, got them now, and I spose that have normal guardsmen with a couple of speacial weapons isn't really a bad thing!
Anyway, got a peak at the codex :-D Things that suck out most:

Their hellgun is now called an Over-powered Lasgun; Rng-18" S-3 AP-3 Rapid Fire. Nice.

Masters of Ordanance:
are part of an advisory squad and an addition to the HQ command squad; had a artillary strike rule of Rng-Unlimited S-9 AP-(cant remember) Ordanance 1. More Nice.

Shit loads of tanks:
Shit loads of them. In squads. Its insane.

In squads of up to 3, 100pts each and the Vendetta is an option too :) Apparently the Vulture is going to make an appearance too, sporting a pair of punisher cannons which are a Heavy 20 weapon :-o Yet more Nice.

I'm surprised that neither of you worked out why I want Valkeries yet. Its more to do with the music that I could play when they arrive than the things them selves... :-D

Happy birthday me :)

Sunday, 12 April 2009

we need one

World domination and drinking! And no shit heres the website, all it sells is fucking globes!

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Interesting rumor site here.

Sunday, 5 April 2009


An interesting game today, even if it was a sad loss for me :(
I have learned the following:

1. Don't let Paul bait me.
2. Stick to the motherfucking plan.
3. If using a defensive army, defend, and vise versa.
4. That I definatly want Valkeries. Several of them. Squads that is.
5. Tanks, more of them.

Pic unrelated, but beautiful none the less.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Take a look.


Datasheet fun

Know your enemy, I present the datasheet for the stompa

Wig, an aircraft of some description that appears to be quite nicely armed, shame they've not put much thought into new Tau super heavy vehicles; I wonder what a Tau titan would look like.

Thought you might like to see this one here Paul, Titanhammer terminators >:)

And finally, my personal favourite, say hello to my little friend Suzie:

Lascannons, bitches loads of the fuckas

Ladies and gentlemen, the Terminus Ultra Land Raider. Enough lascannons to fuck up even the largest of bastard stompas.